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  • Navdy: Google Glass for Your Car Making Waves In the Venture Capital World

    June 2nd, 2015 No comments

    Google Glass have been in a news a lot in the last few year, both for good and for bad. The main appeal was the fact that it was a form of device which enhanced reality. The best way to describe this is that it gave you the same vision at the Terminator from the Terminator movies in that it gives overlays on what you are seeing among other nifty capabilities. There were also fears, mainly revolving around an invasion of privacy. I talk about this revolutionary device in the past tense because we no longer know whether Google will make it commercially available or not. Whatever the case may be, a San Francisco company has developed its own Google Glass alternative named Navdy.

    Navdy has all of the same capabilities as a smartphone or tablet, so you can perform all of the tasks that you normally would on the device. Like Google Glass, it is totally hands free. It also solves one of the issues related to smart device use while driving. The fact that it is hands free makes it totally road legal. This would probably explain why, even before entering the market, Navdy has raised over USD 20 million in funding in its Series A round. So far, the company has raised over USD 33 million, with USD 6 million of than in pre-orders. This adds up to over 17,000 units pre-ordered, which is over six times the amount that they had previously hoped for. The company is due to double its staff as a result. The company is already struggling to fill its orders and the product is not even out yet. If there ever was a good investment to make, this would be it.

    The way that the device works is that a projection is made onto a see-through piece of glass which you place on your dashboard. As a result, you never need to take you eyes of the road, because you will always be able to see the traffic behind it.

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