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  • ADS Ventures Boston

    Ads Ventures Inc. is a venture capital firm that has been founded in 1993 by Chet Atkins, a public officer experienced in running corporate and non-profit organizations who has also worked as State Representative for the U.S. Government. He has also been a member of the Senate and, after leaving the Congress, he has focused on a series of businesses whose purpose was to use private capital in order to achieve public purposes. He leaded investments in the education, healthcare, high tech and real estate fields. At the moment, he is still working as a key advisor and fundraiser for numerous humanitarian campaigns and not only.

    The Ads Ventures, located in Boston, are specialized in technology, and are now focusing upon building modern digital literacy skills among children. They are the most important investors in the U.S. to fund education technology, one of their goals being the complete implementation of one-to-one student laptop pilots in Boston and the Berkshires. Ads Ventures provide also counselling for clients that need to identify strategic opportunities, they offer their experienced advice in solving problems and managing to grow the outcomes. They can provide expertise in very varied fields of activity, including appropriations and budgeting, coalition building and grassroots advocacy, education, scientific research, defence and national security, energy and transportation.

    The most recent news about this company that provides government relations, business development and strategic communications advices is that it has recently widened its team by hiring the Four-Star General David McKiernan, who has just retired from the U.S. Army. His job will consist in providing advice for clients in the field of defence requirements. He will also be offering counsel on legislative and policy priorities. By acquiring this new team member, the Ads Ventures hope to take their corporate and non-profit clients into a more professional journey in the field of venture capital investments and capital growth.


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