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  • Advent Venture Capital

    The means an entrepreneur has in order to fund its business are rather diverse and complex. You can either choose an angel investor or a fund from a venture capital firm, or you can opt for agio capital. All these funding methods are addressed both to start-ups and to expanding businesses. But what can you do if you own a company which is in its later-stage of development? Well, one of the solutions you can adopt is that of advent venture capital.

    Advent venture capital is a type of private equity that refers only to the companies that are in a later-stage of development. Advent capital does not go for start-ups or expanding businesses because advent venture capitalists invest in companies in the form of a “buy-out”. This actually means that the venture capital firms invest a big amount of money in order to buy the majority shareholding in a company. As it generally happens, only private entrepreneurs consider keeping a minority of shareholdings in the company they have developed, but corporate sellers typically don’t.

    If you are thinking about selling your business to an advent venture capital firm, you can consider Advent International, which is a mid-sized European based advent venture capital investor that generally works with amounts between EUR 30 and EUR 100 million. The thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that they don’t make venture capital investments, but are specialised in advent capital.

    If you want to consider the history of advent capital, then you should know that this industry has continuously increased its power since 2005 and is still maintaining an ascendant trend. Advent venture capital generally invests is large companies that lack growth perspectives due to bad management or bad organization. They generally invest in companies that have a high potential of growth but that, for the time being, have stopped their natural evolution. After investments are made in these companies, both in capital and in management, the growing trajectory they were supposed to have is more often than not re-established.


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