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  • Alabama Venture Capital

    If you are planning to start a business in Alabama, you should keep in mind the fact that the well-developed funding situation that characterises the U.S. venture capital is not uniformly spread. So, there are regions in the U.S. in which venture capitalists have not so widely invested up to now. But the situation is not desperate as the field of venture capital seems to be redressing. Even though the increasing tendency of the venture capital funding is not foreseen to be huge in the following period, the situation is slowly going back to its normal values.

    The Alabama venture capital market has not been so widely developed before the financial crises either. This country has several investors, but the market knew a recent accession. One of the famous examples of entrepreneurs succeeding to obtain Alabama venture capital funds is the one of the University of Alabama and UAB Health Services Foundation which has managed to obtain funds in the amount of $25 million.

    As in all other regions, the fields of activity which are more likely to receive funding have to do with IT, phone industry, product customer services, healthcare and financial services. The entrepreneurs who want to attract funding in Alabama have to make the prove of an internal venue of over $5 million, which only proves that the trend of not investing in start-ups is generalised in the U.S. Venture Capitalists in Alabama are encouraged to invest in the local industry in order to revive the economy over there. The venture capitalists in Alabama have created internet platforms and presentation sites in order to ensure a better communication with entrepreneurs and angels, with whom they are now willing to collaborate in order to divide the risks entailed by funding not only ramp-ups, but also start-ups. Even though venture capitalists are more thrilled about working with the companies they already have in their portfolio for the time being, the industry seems to slowly develop even in Alabama and the entrepreneurial situation is not as bad as it would seem like from the outside. All CEOs have to do is to make sure they apply with a perfect business plan and that they have some initial funds of their own.


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