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    The venture capital market has known a decreasing tendency during the last two years due to the economic background. Most of the venture capital firms have decided, in order to make sure they will survive the financial crises, not to fund any start-up businesses, but to continue investing in the companies they already had in their portfolio. This prudent attitude has had visible consequences on the market as we can see the continuously increasing amount of demands for funding.

    Even though the financial situation is slowly stabilizing, venture capitalists continue to pay a lot of attention to the way in which they use their funds. A recent analysis of the investor’s opinions, ran by Dow Jones, analyst for Venture Source, has shown that the majority of venture capitalists and CEOs believes that the investment rate will continue to grow in 2011. But only 50 per cent of them believe that funding will be given for start-ups. Evolving businesses are preferred at the moment because the risk involved is less high and because the potential losses are to be divided in a much more fair way between the company and the investors. Moreover, the process of valuation of an already developed business brings a much more concluding idea about its viability.

    Venture capitalists do not entirely reject the idea of investing in a start-up. But you can make sure that they will choose business ideas that are really relevant on the market and that can give them a high degree of confidence. IT, digital media, mobile and cloud computing services are just some fields in which start-ups are likely to obtain funding. Another tendency that can be seen is that of limiting international investments as the process of providing external management is more difficult under these circumstances. But, merging markets generate too much of an interest in most of the cases for the venture capitalists to neglect them. So, if there’s going to be funding in international ventures in 2011, it is most likely to be in a still developing country previously neglected by investors.


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