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  • American Venture Capital

    The United States of America are famous for their venture capital firms. Until few years ago, they have been the most powerful funding agent in the world. But, due to the financial crises, their interest in funding has decreased during the last two years. What can we expect in the given circumstances?

    Well, specialists say that there is a new wave of interest for funding. Dow Jones, analyst for Venture Source, has declared that the investment rate has risen in 2010 and that the trend continues to be ascendant. The top position is held by the clean-tech industry, which has received funds in the amount of $3.98 billion in 2010, increasing thus by 8 per cent compared to 2009. Other fields of activity that have been preferred by investors are IT, digital media, consumer products, building materials, mobile and cloud computing services, electric vehicles and charging stations. Concerning this aspect, 30% of the interviewed venture capitalists have predicted that most of these types of business will continue to be the trend in 2011.

    Concerning the geography of investments, 53 per cent of venture capitalists announced that they are not interested in investing outside the U.S. The ones that are willing to make that effort have declared that the most attracting area for investments is Asia, especially China and India, followed by Latin America. This actually shows that credence is being given to merging markets and to countries that have previously been neglected by venture capital investors. Another desire of venture capitalists for 2011 is to convince angels to co-invest with them, managing, that way, to share the risk.

    So, even though the market is still rather unstable, venture capitalists start to regain their trust and to look for profitable businesses to fund. You should though keep in mind that they continue to be prudent and to ask for a very well-done business plan when considering your offer.


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