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  • Argentina Venture Capital

    One of the most powerful tendencies in venture capital investments at the moment is focusing upon merging markets. Countries from Latin America, that are still in a development process, have been preferred by venture capital investors during the period of the financial crises as this is a market still evolving and there are numerous sectors of demand that have not yet been covered. Moreover, the prices needed for start-ups or expansions in emerging markets are considerably lower than in other regions. This can explain why the Argentina venture capital market has increased with 30 per cent in 2010 despite the world wide situation in venture capital investments.

    As the market is still at an early stage of development, an active participation in the running of portfolio companies is required. This actually means that venture capital investors have to behave like entrepreneurs when investing in this region. They have to provide not only the know-how, the experienced managers, but also its database of global contacts. If you want to invest in a start-up business in Argentina, you should be prepared to make a good use not only of your money, but also of your contacts and marketing planning resources. “We expect to see an increase in private equity fundraising across the emerging markets as investors not only seek exposure to high-growth markets, but also develop an increasingly nuanced and informed perspective on emerging market risk,” said Sarah Alexander, EMPEA’s CEO.

    One of the most important investments in the Argentina venture capital market that took place is the investment Modena Technologies Capital Partners has made in a software factory called Patagonia Technologies, which broth them more than 100 per cent profit. So, with the right know-how, the good database and the needed capital, investors can grow very good deals in Argentina and in other Latin America countries that offer a fresh and still developing market.


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