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  • Arizona Venture Capital

    There are a lot of venture capital investors throughout the world because this type of investment provides huge gains in a short period of time. The United States of America were known to be the most important developers of venture capital investments before the financial crises, which made plenty of businesses loose big amounts of money. Due to the huge capital losses that the financial crises generated, investors are a lot more careful in choosing an idea to sponsor. This is what happened in Arizona as well, where the amounts provided by venture capital firms have drastically decreased during the last two years. Although the financial situation seems to be redressing and investors start to regain confidence in the market and in the innovative ideas of entrepreneurs, they continue to be more than careful when choosing the projects they want to fund.

    Two recent reports released by Dow Jones, from the Venture Source, indicate that Arizona’s venture capital is down for the third year in a row. The venture capital funds increased in the fourth quarter of 2010, but the entire amount of money used by investors in the entire year was much lower than it used to be three years ago.

    The amount of venture capital funds in the fourth quarter of 2010 was of more than $20 million, which is double from the amount invested in the same period in 2009. This shows that the trend is going upward, but in a more than fragile way as, in 2008, the invested amount reached $210 million, whereas, in 2010, the figures gather around the amount of $83 million. So, the funding market is still 153 percent down from the figures in 2008, although a new interest in venture capital investments can be seen.

    The tendency of growth in Arizona’s venture capital investments is pretty obvious, but specialist declare that it is going to be a slow and steady increase which will reach its initial ascendant trajectory in many years from now.


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