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  • Ireland Venture Capital

    The Irish Venture Capital Association (IVCA) Techpulse survey shows that Irish technology companies raised €84.4m from Venture Capital investors in the fourth quarter of 2007 despite the fact that most Irish venture capital funds were raising new capital. This is more than double the amount of funds raised of €30.1m in the same period in 2006. “The figures suggest that despite concerns over the impact of the sub prime crisis, VC funding for Irish technology and knowledge based industries is healthy,” commented Prof Michael Donnelly, chairman, IVCA. He said that the total Venture Capital Investments in Irish Technology Companies raised in 2007 of €225.94 Million is 17% ahead of 2006 and is at its highest level since 2002.

    A good example for a Venture Capital firm in Ireland is Delta Partners.

    Delta Partners is a venture capital firm investing in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It was established in 1994 and has €230 million under management. The firm has a strong focus on investing in early stage technology companies, and the team has made over 50 investments in the following sectors: Information Technology, Communications and Healthcare.

    Delta Partners is among the most active early stage investors in Europe. The partner’s backgrounds in operations, strategy and finance complement the drive and ambition of entrepreneurial management teams.

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