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  • Biomass Venture Capital

    When analyzing the venture capital market, we can see that there are several tendencies concerning the companies which are more likely to receive venture capital in this period. As the global warming and the oil consumption problems become more and more acute for the contemporary society, there are numerous companies that have developed auxiliary technologies which focus on other resources for producing energy. Because this will definitely remain the main trend in the years to follow, these types of businesses are preferred by venture capitalists.

    The biomass industry is one of these fields that are very well seen by investors all over the world. This can explain why this year has started in very optimistic way for biomass producers. There are several biomass producing companies that have each received more than $15 millions in funding by now, such as Nexterra, Maverick Biofuels, UBC. Venture capitalists are very drawn by these businesses because they still represent a developing market whose highest level of growth will be reached in a few years, when the problem of the natural resources used by now will reach its high point. The alternative technologies will know a huge growth at that moment. Of course, venture capitalists are capable of understanding that and the high return rate estimated makes them be very interested in this type of business.

    As the biomass technology requires huge initial capital, entrepreneurs all over the world are seeking more and more funds for this type of business. In order to make things easier, a “Forestry, Biomass & Sustainability Congress” will be held at London in May. The participating companies will discuss their latest achievements and goals. But, as expected, venture capitalists all over the world are invited to the congress as well because making them understand the huge business opportunity biomass companies offer them is a must for the well being of both parties and of human kind in general.


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