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  • Biotechnology Venture Capital

    One of the most important and rapidly developing scientific areas of research is biotechnology. Entrepreneurs are highly interested in developing a business in this field as this represents the future. But, taking into consideration the amount of money this technology needs for equipments and research, it is obvious why a private entrepreneur cannot afford starting-up a biotechnology company on their own. They are driven towards venture capital investment firms that can allocate the huge amount of money needed. Investors are not frightened by the high risks they have to undertake because the profits are high as well. There are venture capital firms that have invested in biotechnology companies that have known a 50% growth of their initial investment in just one year.

    Moreover, as pharmaceutical companies start to shut down due to great financial loss, biotechnology seems to get ahead faster. “Pharmaceutical companies have increasingly been outsourcing R&D to smaller biotechnology companies, who can work on the same projects faster, with greater capital efficiency, and ultimately with higher success”, declared David Pinniger, investment manager of the International Biotechnology Trust. As Governments lean more and more towards sustaining the biotechnology market not only for its scientific results, but also for the influence it has on the local well-paid jobs growth, and as, due to the global financial situation, Governments can no longer sustain the biotechnology market from public money, investors are more and more attracted by this field. Profits can be outstanding and the results can appear faster than imagined. But, as the market tends to be more open to this field, investors are becoming more selective when choosing the company to fund.

    Although the venture capital funds for the biotechnology field have only rose with 3% during 2010 compared with 2009, we can notice the that investors are still willing to fund this type of business despite it’s important costs and research time.


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