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  • Cloud Computing Venture Capital

    Among the tendencies announced by the National Venture Capital Association at the beginning of this year, the cloud computing businesses are to be desired by investors. Venture capital firms predict an 80% increase of investments in the cloud computing market. As the reports show it, this type of business is in a continuous growth due to the new competition wave and to the expanding level of demands.

    All the cloud computing companies promise to offer platforms on which companies can interact with their clients faster and promote their products easier and in a much more relevant way. By using the web and the mobile applications, companies can optimize their connection with clients and reach out to customers easier.

    This field of activity is continuously expanding and it had already had great results in raising funds from the beginning of 2011. By now, more than $55 million were raised from venture capital firms by cloud computing companies. The most important deals were made by Dachis Group, which has raised $30 million in a series B round from Austin Ventures, by Skytap, which gas received a $10 million series C round to fund the efforts of the sales and marketing teams for its cloud automation technology and by SCVNGER, which is a location-based application competing with Foursquare which has received $15 million this month.

    All these data show us the expanding tendency of the cloud computing market and the high interest that venture capital firms tend to show to this growing market. The future of marketing and corporate communication may be consisting in cloud computing technologies, so this growing interest can be understandable as the return rates promise to be more than satisfying for venture capitalists. Moreover, as the market is still in the development process, the field can still be approached by start-up companies that, after raising sufficient funds in venture capital, can easily work their way up to the top positions on the market.


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