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  • Digital Media Venture Capital

    As the IT technology market seems to develop continuously, investors all over the world are showing more and more interest in the fields of activity entailed in the IT sector. One of the segments that will continue to be likely to raise huge amounts of venture capital in 2011 is the digital media one. As the online market spreads wider and wider, the need for improvement is felt. There are lots of companies over the world that already deal with digital media, but the market is still growing so it still offers huge opportunities for start-up companies.

    This is why many venture capitalists have done their best in raising funds to be used in digital market investments this year. For example, the JP Morgan Chase & Co. has announced that they have quickly rounded up about $1.2 billion for a new digital-growth fund to be used this year. Their main interest aims at fast growing private tech companies such as Facebook or Twitter. Though it is not yet clear whether the JP Morgan Chase & Co. intends to use this money in directly investing in companies or in buying and selling shares on behalf of clients in particular companies, the sure thing is that they are planning to use a great amount of resources, both human and financial, in order to sustain these businesses.

    But the market has many other sustainers. Start-up companies are encouraged to send their business project to the jury of the biggest digital media competition that will take place in New York this summer. The contest, called “SeedStart Media 2011”, plans to analyze the proposals of digital-media start-up companies all over the world and in order to choose the most promising ten companies that will take place at this summer seminar, receiving not only guidance in starting-up this kind of company, but also an amount of $20,000 each.

    So, if you have a business activating in the digital media field, the perspectives of obtaining venture capital firms this year are looking bright for you.


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