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  • Eastern Europe Venture Capital

    Starting three years ago, the U.S. venture capital market started to loose on power and the European tended to become more and more strong. This is just one of the complicated results of the financial crises. The fact that the venture capital market is becoming more and more competitive is though to be encouraging for entrepreneurs all over the world.

    Maybe the most encouraging tendency that can be noticed recently is that the venture capital firms all over the world have started showing a great deal of interest towards the merging markets. This is a state of fact that can easily be seen in Europe as well. The Eastern European countries have a slower economic progress than the Central and the Western ones due to their recent historical background. 20 years ago, most of these countries were run by the Communist Party and their economical development was blocked. So, they have to make special efforts now as to catch up with the rest of the European countries. Even though a serious progress has been noticed during these last 20 years, most of the entrepreneurs in these countries still beneficiate of a too small internal capital in order to be able to develop into multi-national corporate companies. But, as the interest of venture capitalists for these regions starts to grow, their chances of widely development have increased a lot.

    There are plenty of workshops, seminars and forums ran by venture capitalists in order to awaken the interest of entrepreneurs in these countries in submitting business proposals to venture capital firms. Even though there have been several cases of venture capital investments in this region, all of which were highly successful, entrepreneurs still seem to be skeptical so the tendency now is that of turning venture capital into familiar business growth solutions. Hopefully, this will guarantee for a healthy development of the companies in the Eastern part of Europe.


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