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  • Mobile Venture Capital

    Another trend to be found on the venture capital market is sustaining the mobile and wireless segments of technological development. As the mobile and wireless market is in a continuous growth since several years and continues to make huge progress that brings lots of money to high-tech companies, venture capitalists pay more and more interest to this field. The market will continue to expand in the years to come because the general tendency of consumers is to continuously upgrade the devices used.

    After analyzing last year’s venture capital investments, we can notice that over $312 million were used for sustaining the mobile and wireless technologies in the second quarter of 2010, a 2% increase over the previous quarter. This ascendant tendency is to be maintained over 2011 as several mobile producers have already managed raising funds this year. For example, Smaato has raised $7 million this year for its mobile advertising platform.

    The mobile and wireless technologies have started to widely develop in the merging markets as well, so a new wave of venture capital will be directed towards the Latin American countries, Africa and Eastern Europe countries in order to develop a competitive mobile market.

    The segments that have known a greater interest last year were related to wireless telecom services, mobile payments, VoIP & IMS, application development and social networking. It has also been noticed that the companies that have received funds for developing this kind of businesses were mostly located in the US, in Massachusetts, New York and California. But, as stated above, the merging markets seem to be the favorites this year.

    As customers continue to show their interest for wireless data available anytime anywhere, the mobile and wireless technologies will continue to capture the interest of venture capitalists in the years to follow and the market will continue to provide lots of opportunities for start-up companies in this sector.


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