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  • Property Investors in New York

    The situation on the real estate property investment market in New York is starting to perk up due to new acquisitions, renovation and redevelopment of properties. Reuters announces that the real estate investments are expected to rise 20 percent this year, up to $380 billion, due to the rebound in the United States. The volume of property investment funds in the American region is forecast to reach 40 percent to $135 billion from last year. “The Americas’ recovery has mainly been underpinned by investor interest in core gateway cities like New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro,” said Steve Collins, a Jones Lang managing director, cited by CNBC.

    This growth can be seen especially in big cities such as New York, where the current market restarted growing due to internal and external investors and to the governmental decisions for economic growth. The policy of loans has changed, allowing banks to finance real estate entrepreneurs that have a well-managed balance sheet. Reintroducing flexibility in the loans market, along with the relevant changes in the employment field and the growing demand for space helped re-establishing the property investment market in New York.

    Banks continue to impose precise and firm requirements for investors, local venture capital firms are still sceptical, international venture capital investors continue to be more than cautious when investing in the American property market, but the general tendency is of slow, but obvious growth and stabilisation. Although the rate of property demands in New York is rather high and the financing activity grew significantly, lenders continue to point out the fact that New York’s real estate market is still too fluctuant and the external conditions are still too critical, meaning that investors continue to find themselves on an instable field which cannot bring them any warranties. This is why we should expect lender respondents to real estate demands to be the direct lenders or financial intermediaries of properties in the near future.


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