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  • Real Estate Venture Capital

    The Real Estate market has been one of the most fluctuating investing markets in the last couple of years due to the global economical crises. The huge amount of investments made in this field of activity before 2009 has almost completely ceased since the moment in which the economical situation became tensed. As real estate companies wind important amounts of capital, and as the demands in this sector have been dropping continuously since 2009, investors are a lot more cautions when placing their money.

    Still, it has been noticed that the market tends to peg recently. Studies made by real estate experts from BNP Paribas show that, although investors continue to be prudent concerning their venture capital funds, they are beginning to show interest in this type of business. The study also mentions the fact that investors are still careful about the risks involved because the demand for real estate properties continues to be insignificant while rents and selling prices have dropped drastically. The American market has also restarted to function recently, but in a much more cautious way. Investors are willing to put their money in real estate businesses only if companies can prove that the assets are to be amortized in short term.

    After analyzing the demands of firms that offer real estate venture capital, we can draw the conclusion that the market started to unblock. But, we can also notice that investors are much more careful when choosing projects to fund as this type of investment generally calls for big amounts, up to $100 million. Another specific aspect we have noticed concerning real estate venture capital funds is that firms that are willing to invest in this type of business are demanding companies to provide a very detailed development, operating and exit strategy. Also, the chosen partners are generally companies whose business plan is demand-driven, condition that shows us that venture capital firms are still cautious when investing in the field of real estate.


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