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  • China Venture Capital & Private Equity New York Forum 2009 will be held in New York soon

    BEIJING, March 19 The Fourth China Venture Capital and Private Equity New York Forum, organized by Zero2IPO Group, a leading integrated service provider in the China venture capital and private equity industry, is to be ceremoniously held on Apr. 28, 2009 at the Westin New York. It has drawn strong support of many prestigious institutions at home and abroad, including NVCV, ILPA, EMPEA, SVB Capital, IDGVC Partner and Capital Today. The Forum aims to build a platform for Chinese and American investors to deepen mutual understanding and create more opportunities to expand cooperation, on the one hand, get American investors informed of multi-dimensional information such as the status quo, trend, policies, investment hotspots and players of China’s VC&PE industry against the backdrop of the current global financial turmoil and help them detect new areas of cooperation in emerging markets; on the other hand, enable Chinese investors to have greater exposure to the experience of their American peers in operation mode, management and legal affairs, thereby promoting the healthy development of China’s capital market.

    2008 has been an unusual year. The global financial crisis has not only influenced the US but also international economy, and to a large extent the economy in China as well, both virtual and real. China’s VC&PE and VC&PE-backed enterprises have all been influenced, while fundraising, investment and exit have slowed. However, even under the current financial crisis, China remains the most attractive market for VC&PE in the world. According to the statistics by Zero2IPO Research Center, 607 enterprises gained capital support from VC institutions, reporting a total of US$ 4.21 billion in disclosed capital in 2008. RMB funds have grown rapidly, having a larger influence. 116 new foreign and domestic VC funds are currently active in China, including 88 RMB VC funds that raised a total of US$ 7.31billion, up 33.3% from the total in 2007. 51 PE funds which could be invested into the Asian market (including Chinese Mainland) raised a total of US$ 61.15billion, up 71.9% from the total in 2007.

    The upcoming forum provides attendees with a platform to face up to the daunting challenges in the economic downturn and positively look to 2009 and hunt for more opportunities. A number of panel discussions will be held for participants to deliberate on the hottest issues of common concern in the sectors of venture capital, private equity and limited partnership in both China and the U.S. Meanwhile, senior investors and industry experts in both countries, including such big names as Mark W. Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital Management, Drew J. Guff of Siguler Guff, Dixon Doll of DCM and Hugo Shong of IDG, Shangzhi Wu of CDH will be invited to the Forum to present all-round analyses, insightful perspectives and feasible suggestions on investment strategy, the rise of RMB capital, PE operation mode and structure with Chinese characteristics amid economic fluctuations, as well as how to find and attract prominent GPs in the negative phase of the economic cycle and other hot topics.

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    Source: China Venture Capital and Private Equity New York Forum


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