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  • Testimonials

    I wish to write this testimonial regarding the wonderful support I was able to obtain from purchasing and using your Investors Database. Prior to coming across your product, I had scoured the internet for possible project financiers for my project which is an on-line networking tool. Finding potential investors was a slow and nail-biting process and I had absolutely no luck. However within just two weeks of using your database, I have been contacted by a New York Equity-Finance firm with an offer to sign a funding deal for my project worth $15 Milion.

    Your product is sound, commercially apt, and second to none.

    Thank you.

    Senibo Bara-Hart

    Dear sirs!
    Venture Capital Reporter for me is the greatest success of 2010! I have found prospective investors in no more than 10 minutes (basic time cunningly on translation of some terms!), and now I study closely all existing characteristics of each one of them.
    I also had a great help from your articles and recommendations (thanks Amir!). Unfortunately, it is very difficult for me to work with a material on video due to complexities with perception of the English language of hearing, but I shall cope with this problem.

    Thank you! I wish you good luck!

    Olga Kulish


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