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  • Venture Capital Firms in London

    London has been known as the European city to attract the majority of venture capital investments before the global financial crises began. In 2005, a research study conducted by Library House on behalf of G2i showed that a percentage of 38% of the £485 million of UK’s venture capital investment funds went to London companies. Moreover, a lot of the other European venture capital funds were given to entrepreneurs from London. But, since the global financial situation changed drastically, affecting London companies as well, venture capital investors are a lot more careful when choosing their partners. And, as the financial situation in UK is still difficult, although they are no longer considered to be in recession, venture capital funds continue to be difficult to obtain even by companies located in London.

    From another point of view, we can also notice that the venture capital firms in London are a lot more cautious when it comes to their investments. There are a lot of companies, such as the Capital Fund, an English Regional Venture Capital Fund that is managed by YFM Group, a part of GLE Group, which, due to the tensed economical situation, no longer focuses on making new investments, but on developing and supporting the companies they already have in their portfolio. This example is not unique and it shows that the venture capital firms in London are driven by the same general cautious attitude as all other investment companies throughout the world.

    The situation is not generalised though because there are plenty other venture capital firms in London that continue to invest, but in a much more careful way. Companies as SEP, 3i, 3k Digital, ABN AMRO, Cambridge research and Innovation, Kennet Venture Capital, TTP Ventures, Unilever Ventures, Yorkshire Enterprise or UK Steel Enterprise are still funding start-ups and development plans for growing companies in London and around the world.


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