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  • Alaska Venture Capital

    The Alaska venture capital market has an increasing tendency in the last few years due to the new technologies of extracting oil and gas. As this is the most important resource in the region and a world-wide needed substance, but a very expensive segment of activity, plenty of venture capital firms tend to use all their resources for funding this business sector in Alaska.

    A factor that is to be taken very seriously when thinking about funding the oil industry in Alaska is the weather. Even though there are still lots of oil resources in the area, the process of extracting it requires a special technique. Situations when the oil extraction companies functioning in Alaska have problems with frozen pipes are not exactly rare. The problem gets even worse during the winter, as it happened this January for the operator of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, who had to shut down its production for more than four days. This is why venture capitalists invest big amounts of funds in Alaska for technology and the improvement of the extraction system.

    Funds for these projects generally come from international venture capital investors, as in the case of the newly signed agreement between Alaska Pacific Energy Corp. and the Canadian Belmont Venture Capital. But, the fact that there are venture capital firms in Alaska as well is not to be neglected. TG World Energy Corp., one of the local investors, has decided to merge with the companies for which they have provided funds in order to grow their capital and the industry in a faster way. All the other fields of activity in Alaska have not obtained important funding as this is the most important industry in the region.


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