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  • VCgate

    In attention to all of you that are looking for a professional tool to raise Venture Capital, Private Equity funds or Angel Investors’ funds, we now present a revolutionary product on the market: the VCgate Investors’ Database Software.

    You no longer need to waste your precious time searching and researching for the right investor, we have already done that for you. VCgate software is a time-saving tool combining an investors’ database with a search engine, created to help you raise the capital you need.

    With over 4,300 investors and all their contact information listed, VCgate tool does more than this, it also helps you organize the investors according to your own search criteria.
    You get to choose the type of investor, stage preferences, industry preferences and geographical location plus you have the option of activating the search based on keywords.

    VCgate Investors’ Database provides extensive listings for 4,300 companies worldwide and all their details (name, phone, fax, e-mail address, firm address, country, state, city, zip, P.O. Box, and web site).
    Vcgate offers investors from all corners of the world most of them coming from USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia, and East-Asian locations such as Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan.

    You can stop wasting time writing the same email over and over again to each and every potential investor. Vcgate has even more to offer. You can now send your business plan to all the investors at once with a single click, directly from the VCgate software.

    Stop for a second and think of how much time you have already saved and imagine it only gets better.
    VCgate comes with a friendly interface, multiple viewing styles, the option of surfing the companies’ websites directly from the software, links to useful investment-related sites, possibility of exporting the contacts to comma-separated text (*.csv), web (*.htm), or text format (*.txt) and unlimited searches.

    Apart from the unique technical characteristics of the VCgate Investors’ Database Software, you will have access to one year free updates, updates are generated at least every three months so that our customers benefit of the latest information available.

    You will be provided full assistance from our customer support department and technical support department.

    VCgate software is a tool that can be used on Pentium PC or better, 100Hz; 16MB RAM; Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and is programmed with the latest 32-bit and web browser technology.

    Locate Venture Capital Firms Now, with VCgate!


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