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  • Angel Capital

    If you are a small or medium developed company that wants to expand, you need funds to grow your business. But what if you cannot finance it yourself? Well, you have several solutions that may come in handy. In return of a part of your shares, venture capital firms, business investors or angel investors will give you the necessary funds for your company.

    Angel investors are wealthy individuals who invest money in small viable companies. You are maybe wondering how you can draw the attention of an angel investor towards your business. Well, first of all, you should investigate the market in order to see which angels have already invested in businesses similar to yours. After doing so, you should think about writing a business plan that could awaken their interest. You should keep in mind the fact that the present financial situation is rather tensed, so investors are more careful than usually about their choices. And the eliminatory process of selection consists in the analyses of your business plan. So, take good care when writing, make sure to make it look as the angels expects it to look and wish for the best. If your project is chosen, than you have the chance of going into the pitch and convince the investor of the quality and efficiency of your business. But keep in mind the fact that the deal is ready to be signed only after the appraisal capital evaluation of your business idea.

    You may also wonder how you can find angel investors. Well, there are numerous networking platforms and forums on the internet that function as an interface between entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, there are annual conferences for angel investors. For example, this year, such a conference will take place in Boston in April. If you cannot afford going to such a meeting, you should consider applying online or finding a professional adviser who can help you find the most suitable angel investor for your project.


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