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  • Arkansas Venture Capital

    Although there are numerous companies looking for investors that could help them budget their start-ups or their expanding process in Arkansas which led to the development of the venture capital market through specialized forums and networking platforms that function as an interface between entrepreneurs and investors, what seems to be the most important topic in the Arkansas venture capital market at the moment is the Biomass partnership between MFA Oil and Aloterra Energy which promises to develop an industry of renewable energy and hundreds of new jobs to area workers.

    This project just found its ample initial capital investors and can now focus on producing the innovative equipment that can reduce energy loss and can produce renewable energy. The success of such a project is essential not only for the investors, but also for the entire humanity as the huge level of energy consumption becomes a more stressful matter than ever. By combining this powerful university innovation engine with a dynamic entrepreneurial culture, the funding companies of the Biomass partnership hope to revolute the energy field by offering ways to save important quantities of energy and, thus, ensure stronger economical bases to all its users.

    This success on the venture capital market in Arkansas could be the departure point in developing this type of financing in that region which has been rather neglected up to now. Because the cities in Arkansas are rather small when compared with other’s states metropolis, investors are generally cautious with their funding projects. Even though there are numbers of individual companies that have managed to obtain funds in venture capital in Arkansas, no project in the area has ever reached the amplitude of the Biomass partnership before. We can only hope that this could stand as an example and that venture capital firms will learn from this experience and will stop neglecting business opportunities just because they come from a small city in Arkansas.


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