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  • Acer Venture Capital

    Acer Technology Ventures is the venture capital arm of the Acer Group, with six offices in Silicon Valley, Taipei, Singapore, Bangalore, Shanghai and Beijing. Currently, Acer Technology Ventures manages $300 million in committed capital. Its current fund, IP Fund One, L.P., consists of limited partners such as J.P. Morgan/Chase, Citibank, ABN AMRO, Nomura/Jafco, Trigem, DBS, GIC, CDIB and some Acer affiliates. The Investment focus of Acer Technology Ventures includes semiconductors, telecommunications, software and other enabling technologies.

    If you are searching for more information, you will be redirected from to the website of iD Ventures America, LLC(formerly Acer Technology Ventures). iD Ventures America was founded by a group of senior management from Acer Group in January 1998. Through various venture funds, iD Ventures America identifies and invest in North American companies with demonstrated innovation, intellectual property, and growth potential. Our team possesses years of leadership in manufacturing and operations, expertise in local and international markets, and strong ties to world-class business and consumer networks.


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