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  • Private Investors

    Private Investor Pitching Tips

    Just getting a private investor to sit down and listen to your business idea can take some time and a lot of hard work. You may feel relief wash over your body when one finally agrees to listen, but don’t let your guard down just yet. Now you have to actually present your idea so they see the value in it that you know is there.

    private investors are looking for ideas that are viable and profitable. They will not invest just because you are a nice person and they want to help you out. They want to pocket some cash from your success.

    Keep a few things in mind as you prepare to pitch private investors:

    (1) Your goal is to take their hard earned money and put it to work for you.

    (2) Besides financial gain, you could take away human gain. Some investors will become advisors or board members of companies they invest in. See this as a bonus because you gain access to the expertise and experience of an investor or executive who knows how to get your ideas up and running as profitable businesses.

    (3) One private investor could bring in other private investors to spread around the risk of investment. You gain access to multiple sources of funding in the end.

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    Your initial communication with a private investor will typically be a well developed business plan. If the investor likes what they see on paper they will likely go to the next step, which is to ask for a PowerPoint presentation.

    Your PowerPoint presentation should not be your business plan but in a new format. There should be a clear question with a clear answer presented in a very professional manner.

    A private investor will look for all of these points in the presentation, so make sure they are all covered:

    1. A concise business concept.

    2. Unique qualities of your business concept

    3. The stage of the business.

    4. How your business is the perfect solution to a problem many people have.

    5. Your target market (research thoroughly before presenting this).

    6. How the business will bring in money.

    7. The main competitors for this business. If you answer that you have no competitors, investors are likely to think you have not done your research. Virtually every business has some type of competitor.

    8. The education and experience of your management team.

    9. Goals and milestones with an estimated timeline for meeting them.

    10. Sources and uses of funds along with financial projections.

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