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  • Australia Venture Capital

    Although Australia never lacked funds, the venture capital firms located in Australia have never instead as much as others in U.S. or around the world. This may be a result of the low development of Australia’s industry structure due to the economic and geographical fundamentals. The sound economic framework policies are just another important factor that determines Australia not to be a very important venture capital investor.

    This situation has been going on for years. By analyzing the venture capital investments since 2000 till nowadays, we can notice that Australia has never been in the top five investors. But, the situation appears to be changing, since this year a global private equity conference will be hold in Australia. The program of “Private Equity World Australia 2011” announces that the problem of reviving venture capital will be discussed with the international participants. The main purpose is finding solutions for industrial growth and imposing strategies for venture capital investments in the domestic and global market.

    Also, in order to improve their venture capital investments, Australian firms developed The Australian Investment Network, a service that allows thousands of entrepreneurs get in touch with the major venture capital investors who could budget their start-ups or their expansion capital plan. All these measures will streamline the process of obtaining funds and will make Australian investors quickly gain big amounts of money from their new venture capital investing strategy.

    One of the most important investments that have been made since applying this new strategy is the one of CM Capital and Haag Ltd., two Australian venture capital firms that invested $2 million in the Datacastle project of data protection. We are enthusiastic about our investment in Datacastle and this rapidly growing market opportunity”, said Mark Gill, Partner, CM Capital. “Datacastle’s flexible, friction-free approach is being recognized by customers and channel partners as the best way to protect the mobile workforce from damaging data loss and data breach incidents.” announces the Datacastle news department.


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