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  • Revolutionary technological solutions from Zink, Framehawk and Bypass Lane raise funds

    December 7th, 2011 No comments

    We are living in a new type of society, for which the continuous development of IT solutions is a must. This is why investors are also putting lots of their money into companies which are providing solutions to a permanently expanding market. Whether we are speaking about cloud systems or applications for web or mobile devices, we are speaking about finding out way into the future.

    And, sometimes, we are also speaking about some companies which develop such a revolutionary product that it makes you wonder whether we are not living in the future already. This is the case of Zink, a company which has recently raised $35 million in the round B of funding which has been led by Genii Capital. The company specializes in manufacturing inkless color printing technology, fact which seems quite incredible. This technology can be available by the use of a special paper which has previously been embedded with several layers of cyan, magenta and yellow “Amorphochromic” dye crystals.

    Of course, the paper needs to go through a printer which heats the paper in different degrees such as to create images. The heating of the color-forming layers leads to printing images which have a photorealistic resolution. This technology has already been implemented on several printing and photo shooting devices, which actually makes us believe that we are headed towards a new era. The company is now working on developing devices which are to make this technology compatible with all the photo-taking devices we already know.

    Framehawk is another company which has recently managed to raise $11 million in the series B of funding which has been led by Matrix Partners with the participation of the previous investors from Alsop Louie Partners, Correlation Ventures and Triangle Peak Partners. The company develops application solutions for companies. Their specialty is that of providing Wi-Fi and mobile networks which have the same safety degree as the enterprise one. The company is now working on the development of more mobile business applications which have the same degree of safety as the networks at work. One of their latest applications allows workers to access documents with a high degree of safety, such as research reports, from their mobile phones without any concerns. This is possible due to the fact that the password-secured application runs behind the UBS firewall on an internal cloud computing network, allowing thus the access to all the data and information needed by an employee.

    Bypass Lane has also managed to raise $1.75 million for its mobile application which targets speed and ease of concession for entertainment and sport venues. The investing round has been led by Red McCombs, the former owner of the Minnesota Vikings and San Antonio Spurs, by Casey Wasserman, the Chairman and CEO of the Wasserman Media Group, and by Capital Sports and Entertainment, which is a group formed out of business managers, agents and other entertainment partners.

    The novelty provided by this application comes from the fact that it allows fans to pre-place orders and pay for in-venue products, which also include concessions and merchandise, from whatever distance. The application also allows you to store you credit card info so as for you not to have to pull out your credit card in public in order to pay for the products.

    These funding deals prove us once more that we are headed towards a more and more rapid world, which has more and more solutions for our problems of all sorts.

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